Curtain Up!

It’s been almost a full year since the Flint Journal decided to scrap the long tradition of reviewing local theatre productions.  It was something of a shock to the local theatrical community as it left seven companies without a public venue for evaluation and promotion of their efforts.    It was a shock to me as well.  Reviewing these plays for the past 22 years had become an enjoyable routine.   I missed it.  So I decided to do something about it.

This blog is a first step toward restoring that public platform.  Where will it go and how big will it grow? Hang around and see, but for now we’ll focus on our seven local troupes: Buckham Alley Theatre, Flint City Theatre, Flint Community Players, Flint Youth Theatre, New McCree Theatre, University of Michigan-Flint Theatre Department, and Vertigo Theatrics.  We will include Kearsley Park Players during their fair weather season as well.  Hopefully the League of Flint Theatres (LOFT) will help by providing us access to do reviews, information on season offerings, announcement of auditions and by promoting the existence of this blog in their programs.

A feature on each group might be an appropriate beginning. There is much variety with Flint stages existing in coffee houses and parks as well as in traditional theatre buildings.  And your opinion is valued. Please let us know you’ve seen this effort and what you think can improve it.  We are open to suggestion and will accept all offers to contribute to the success of Flint Area Theatres.

Kathleen Kirby

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5 Responses to Curtain Up!

  1. Bob Gerics says:

    Good idea, Kathleen. Thanks for this!

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    You are to be commended. This will be a great service to local theatre.


  3. Michael Kelly says:

    welcome back, Kathleen! Your writing has been missed. You always have a pair of comps at Kearsley Park.

  4. Martin Jennings says:

    This is a GREAT idea! I’ll try and pull together some names of local writers who are also appreciate and understand good theatre to write for the blog if you’d like. I’d like to write some, but I use TOO many words, and I much rather like bein’ behind the scenes making the magic happen and letting audiences enjoy the affects! Hopefully there’ll be someone available to review “Working” at Vertigo Theatrics in September.

  5. kathleen,

    my name is joe feliciano. i’ve lived in chicago for over 20 years now, but am a flint native. you have reviewed shows i have written, directed or in which i acted. sometimes i didn’t agree with you assessment, but i always appreciated your passion for theatre and your advocating for a company, play or an actor.

    i am thrilled to know you are keeping up the good work in spite of the flint journal’s disastrous decision to discontinue covering live theatre.

    for all of my flint buddies and partners in theatrical crime, i want to give you my heartfelt gratitude.

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