Flint City Theatre’s Local Artist Showcase of Shows Closes This Weekend

Flint City Theatre is again keeping it local for its 2011-2012 season. The theatre is presenting “An Evening of Gratuitous Sex and Violence” consisting of two short plays and one short film by Flint area artists. This program will be presented March March 22-24 and 29-31 at 8pm in the Anteroom of the Good Beans Cafe.

The program includes:
Consummation – A short play by Bob Gerics.  A man confronts his unfaithful wife and her lover.
Bad Girl – A short film written by Megan Donahue and directed by Bob Gerics, exploring love, resentment, kink and violence. Sexual role-playing leads to a real-life confrontation.
Colleagues – A one-act play by Bob and Dan Gerics.  Three men and one woman deal with tensions of business going awry in dangerous ways.

This program features local actors Patrick Munley, Dan Gerics, Jessica Back, Phil Kautz, Dean Vanderkolk, Joshua Clark and Lynda Berge. Tickets for “An Evening of Gratuitous Sex and Violence” are $10 (student tickets are $5). Call 810-237-4663 for reservations.

Sponsored by Deliberate MonkeyWorks.

Flint City Theatre is a non-profit Flint theatre that performs classical and modern works of theatre in unique spaces at affordable prices.

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