The Blue Heron Theatre Company will hold auditions for the musical The Fantasticks on June 3 & 5, 2013, from 7-9pm at the Richter Campus Auditorium.  The Richter Campus Auditorium is located at 920 E. Baird St. Holly MI (it is the old high school and now middle school).  The Fantasticks with the Book & Lyrics by Tom Jones and the Music by Harvey Schmidt was one of the longest running musicals off-Broadway.

The Fantasticks is an allegorical story of neighboring fathers who trick their children, Louisa and Matt, into falling in love by faking a feud.  They hire traveling actors to stage a mock abduction.  They get Matt to save her by appearing to be a hero.  When the children discover the deception, they break up. Then, after experiencing life and being bounced around by life,  they get back together.

The cast includes 5 or 6 men and 2 or 3 women.  Ages range from teenage to 50s or 60s.  The directing crew of Joe Mishler and Brian Catton take a flexible view when it comes to casting.

The Fantasticks include familiar songs as “Try to Remember”.  The musical will be presented August 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 2013, at the Richter Campus.

            We are producing The Fantasticks by special arrangement with Music Theatre International.

If you have any questions or you cannot make the audition dates, but are still interested, contact Joe Mishler at 810-348-9960 or email


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