The award winning musical, THE FANTASTICKS will be performed on August 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 at 7:30 pm and on August 4 at 2pm at the Richter Campus Auditorium in Holly.

THE FANTASTICKS is a classic love story involving parental interference and other odd characters.  The book and lyrics for THE FANTASTICKS were written by Tom Jones, and the music by Harvey Schmidt.  The story involves a young couple who meet and fall in love at a wall between the families.  What they don’t know is that their respective fathers built the wall to get them to fall in love.  Once this happens the fathers need one more event to seal the deal.  They hire an adventurer to arrange a fake abduction during which the boy rescues the girl.  All goes well until the couple finds out later that it was staged.  The romance is stalled and everyone is unhappy.

Songs include “Remember”, “Depends on what you pay”, “Never say no”, and “Soon it’s going to rain.”

We have a very talented cast.  Steve Shelton plays El Gallo (pronounced El Guyo) the adventurer hired to arrange the abduction.  Savannah Damoth plays Louisa, the young girl in love with the boy.  The boy is played by Brad Varner.  Both have performed in other Blue Heron Theatre Company productions.

The Mute is played by Kelsey Burnell who keeps very busy during the play handing out and retrieving props, and moving set pieces in and out.  Henrietta is played by Kortnee Henski and Matilda is played by Claire Hardy.  This dynamic duo portray old actors and bandits and help create the mayhem on stage.

George Kullis plays Louisa’s father, Bellomy, and David Hielig plays the boy’s father, Hucklebee.  Cassidy VanGuilder portrays the Wall.  Emily Disbrow and Abigail Hager are bandits and Indians depending on what part of the musical.

Joe Mishler and Brian Catton are directing the musical.  Bonnie Giammarco is the music director and the pianist is Sara Hoffman.  Rachel Brianna Hildreth is the choreographer.

THE FANTASTICKS will be performed at the Richter Campus Auditorium, 920 E. Baird Street.  Parking is located in the front of the building.

Tickets may be purchased at the door or at the Holly Township Library.  Ticket prices:  Adults $10, Students and Seniors $8.  Reservations may be made by calling 810-931-7108.  Blue Heron Theatre Company is on Facebook.

            This musical being produced by special arrangement with Music Theatre International.  Blue Heron Theatre Company is owned and operated by Joe and Linda Mishler of Holly.


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