Shop Floor Theatre Company to continue 2014 Staged-Reading Series

Shop Floor Theatre Company is continuing their 2014 season with the second of three staged readings, going up Saturday the 29th at Flint’s Buckham Gallery.  This series of staged-readings is dedicated to exploring contemporary issues & promoting civic dialogue. Each play will feature talented local actors playing a variety of different roles.

Shop Floor Theatre aims to create original and transformative theatre with and for people of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds. Shop Floor is a community centered, place-based arts & education organization with a focus on creating programming that represents diverse voices and opinions, encourages civic dialogue and engagement, and promotes social and cultural awareness.

The plays chosen for the 2014 Staged-Reading series were all created in a similar “documentary” style and explore a variety of contemporary social issues, including heath care, wealth inequality, & the debate over genetically modified foods. The plays include Nickel & Dimed by Joan Holden (Saturday March 29th), and Seeds by Annabel Soutar (Saturday April 26th). The plays will be performed at Buckham Gallery & a community dialogue will follow each performance. This series is generously funded by the Ruth Mott Foundation, The University of Michigan-Flint Student Government & supported by the Greater Flint Arts Council.

Nickel and Dimed, the second play in Shop Floor’s staged reading series, is an adaptation of a best-selling novel by investigative journalist Barbara Ehrenreich. The play, adapted by Joan Holden, explores the challenges faced by the working poor, and calls many assumptions about the low-income labor market, and its workers, into question. The play will be performed at Buckham Gallery on Saturday, March 29th at 7:30pm, with a dialogue about the play immediately following. Tickets are $5 at the door (cash only, please).

For more information on the Staged-Reading series, or how to support Shop Floor Theatre Company, please contact Andrew Morton ( or Kendrick Jones (, or visit


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