Reviewed by Joseph M. Mishler

86724322_10156879953431629_5250544897420689408_o            The Flint Community Players production of Love, Lies, and the Doctor’s Dilemma opened Thursday March 12. Considering all of the problems we are facing, a good comedy can provide relief for a couple of hours. Seating was limited to 100 because of the virus epidemic.

Love, Lies, and the Doctor’s Dilemma starts with Joan and her gardener who in love. Within a few minutes Vinnie the Enforcer shows up looking for her son who owes money. Her sister-in-law shows up and oh, yeah, she’s a movie star. Joan has no desire to see the movie star relative. Then, the one woman walking disaster who lives next door shows up. Of course, they all like Joan’s brownies that happen to have some “pot” in them. Then the son shows up. There are more lies in this play than you can count which fuels the chaos.

Comedy requires good timing and spontaneity. Laura Kline plays Joan Scheller, the Mother. While she does a good job of keeping the show going, she is a bit off through most of the play. Matt Bach plays Sandy the gardener and Joan’s boyfriend. The chemistry between these two was sketchy.

Bach did a great job as Sandy playing the shrink. The characters lay on the couch and he just asked them what they thought. A couple of times he gave advice on a particular matter which then lead to hilarious consequences.

Brett Smith played Vinnie “the Enforcer”. Smith needed to be a bit tougher looking. He did a good job with the comedy routines. Vinnie finds himself in a house where nothing goes right. He eventually falls for Olivia St. Claire played by Taylor Boes. You remember – she is the movie actress. Boes could have been stronger, but as it is she did a good job and did bring energy to the stage.

Samantha Tadajewski played Rachel, the neighbor woman.  Tadajewski was a whirlwind and truly a one woman, walking disaster who brought great energy to the stage. She ended up with Joan’s son Chris played by Jason Brownfield. Chris has a secret as he falls in love with Rachel.

            It should be pointed out that Olivia and Rachel really loved Joan’s brownies and couldn’t get enough of them. The scenes where they disguised Chris to outwit Vinnie were quite funny.

            Bertha played herself and was very imposing when she appeared on stage. The characters thought she was Vinnie’s girlfriend. As I said, there were more lies in the play than you can count. Vinnie never gives up the secret about Bertha.

Director Zachary Wood picked a good cast. They just need to tighten things up and then the comedy will really roll. The set by Rick Doll and crew was well designed, and the actors used it well. Costumes were also well chosen.

I recommend you go see this play and laugh a lot.

Love, Lies, and the Doctor’s Dilemma will be performed March 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7:30 pm and March 15, 22, at 2:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased online or by phone: 810-441-9302 or www.flintcomunityplayers.com. The main phoneline is 810-235-6963.

Flint Community Players is located at 2462 Ballenger highway, Flint MI 48507.



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