Reviewed by Joseph Michael Mishler

         Clio Cast & Crew opened their new season with a strong performance of David MacGregor’s Sherlock Holmes and the Adventures of the Elusive Ear.  They had goodCovid protocols in place including taking everyone’s temperature.  No one seemed to mind.

            The cast wore plastic masks and they used body microphones.  The masks didn’t distract from the performance and the drinking of various liquids was handled well.  We had no problem hearing or understanding what was said.

Playwright MacGregor always takes some small item and expands it into a play.  You never really know what is going to happen in his plays.  He really keeps the audience guessing.

            Director Jim Waner did a great job of casting the show. The cast looked comfortable working together, and there was a lot of chemistry. The give and take between the characters was fun to watch.  They were energetic and kept things moving along.  They were all very believable.

            The set was well done and was well used by the cast. 

            Jeff Rogner in the role of Dr. John Watson was spot on with his performance.  He and Sherlock were well matched.  His whining about their lack of money was well played.  His Victorian attitude about the relationship of Holmes and Irene was also good.

            As Sherlock Holmes, Jordan Reed played this character in a more relaxed manner which was done well.  There was considerable chemistry between him and Irene.  When it was necessary, he slipped smoothly back into the traditional Sherlock character.

            Jessi Eldredge played her two roles, Mrs. Hudson and Irene Adler, extremely well.  She looked like she was having fun.  Her fencing scene with Marie Chartier was well choreographed. 

            Rebecca Norris gave a strong performanceas Marie Chartier.  She and Irene were well matched.   

            Seth Reed as Vincent Van Gogh gave such a good performance that he could have been the painter, and Kaiser Henning’s Oscar Wilde added much to the chaos and mayhem on stage.

            The Ear, the main topic of concern, made a grand entrance at the end of the play.

            Overall, it was fun to watch.  There were several small issues.  When the gun was introduced both Marie and Oscar held it in their downstage hand thus limiting their range of movement.  There were also a couple of minor blocking issues involving Holmes at the fireplace. 

            The costumes for the most part were well done.  Marie had a problem unbuttoning her outfit for the fencing part, and the green dress did seem a bit large for her.

            I strongly recommend that everyone go see this play.  It’s a strong production.  To find out how Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve this mystery, you have to see a performance.  Performances of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventures of the Elusive Ear are:  May 8, 14, 15 at 7:30 pm, and May 9, 16 at 2:30 pm.

Tickets maybe purchased online at or by calling the box office at 810-687-2588. Theatre 57 is located at 2220 West Vienna Rd., Clio, MI 48420

Due to pandemic restrictions, seating is limited, mask wearing will be required at all times, and social distancing will be observed in all areas of the theatre. Temperature checks and other safety measures may also be used.

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