What’s hiding behind the Red Nose at Clio Cast & Crew?

Reviewed by Bethany Leslie

Dating back to the early 1900s, the symbolic red nose is associated with clowns and comedy. Using that simple “ball” opens the door to fun, laughter, goofiness, and breaking the ice of conversations. However, it can also be used as a mask of disguise and fake identities.

This double meaning thematically runs through Clio Cast and Crew’s latest comedy production, Psych.  As the production opens–the audience meets the central character (played by Hannah Court), who is seeking the help of psychiatrist Dr. Robert Smith (William Kircher). However, the plot quickly devolves, and it becomes clear that their story is much deeper and more complicated. And that is just one character’s storyline.

Later, another character presents herself as a private detective, but on the flip side, she is actually an actress. Then there is the psychic Lydia, played by Judie Santo. While not giving too much away, Ms. Santo’s portrayal has a fun, ease, and grounded feeling to her performance that the other six members of the ensemble bounce off. In one sense, she is the straight man to everyone else’s craziness when she herself states, “I’m not crazy.” In a world where so much can be overdone with this script, Ms. Santo is “predictably” friendly and charming.

Lisa Rowe’s script keeps the audience guessing as to what is real, what is masked (literally or figuratively), and who knows what about whom. While this is not your typical comedy or farce, Clio Cast and Crew, under the direction of Finely Davis, take their own shot at the story (yes, pun intended). So, step inside Dr. Smith’s office and see if you follow along or find yourself needing a psychiatrist’s help to strip down the masks and discover the truth.

Psych continues at Clio Cast and Crew February 4th, 10th, and 11th at 7:30 pm and on February 5th and 12th at 2:30 pm. Tickets are available at the Box Office (810) 687-2588 or online at http://www.cliocastandcrew.com.

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